I’ve Moved!

yep, sold the house, adopted out the monkeys & dog and took off, NO NOT really, I just moved my blog!! It just made more sense. So follow this link! knitngreen.wordpress.com


I’ve been reading

I’ve been busy reading for me, with the kids, and for work.

The Hunger Games by Susan Collins Catching Fire by Susan Collins

First the great books I’ve been reading just for me.. I started this one because I had read a lot of positive teen librarian responses about it, so at first I thought it would be my attempt at keeping up on some newer teen fiction for my job. After about 50 pages, I knew I was reading it for me and just couldn’t put it down. I finished the second in the series with the same result! Even if you are a grown-up… read it if you like exciting dystopian novels.

Twelve months of knitting

And of course a couple of knitting books to browse. Then there are the kids books. We’ve been hooked on a couple to celebrate the season.

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert Our Apple Tree by Gorel Kristina Naslund We Gather Together by Wendy Pfeffer

The work related books have been fun and interesting too. I am moderating the Woolly Bookworms at my library. It’s for kids & adults and they’re encouraged to bring any fiber project to work on. (Hmmm…. notice how I slipped in a hobby at work?) But seriously, everyone who attends enjoys themselves, talks about the book and their projects and attendance has grown (yes, my boss might be reading this!)

American Tall Tales by Mary Pope Osborne.Ivy and Bean by Anne Barrows The Fledgling Jane Langton

Now to get started on a few new kids fiction titles…. I’m loking forward to reading the 39 Clues series and The Olympians series.  I’m always looking for suggestions no matter what age they are for!




4097576837_08a96379d0_mA quiet Thursday morning….

Thank You…

Thank you to all who serve, to all who give, and to all who have given. Thank you for my freedom.

Thank you Dad, Grandpa D., Grandpa P., Uncle J., Uncle D., and to my father-in-law.

When you are out today… Say thank you, accept the poppy, make a donation, and wear the poppy proudly!

Can’t find a poppy? cosmicplutoknits has a quick pattern for you for the poppy below.  Laura Chau developed the pattern and was kind enough to share the picture too.



puppies, originally uploaded by libraryl0v3r.
I had the opportunity to play with puppies today. They were in a rescue transport coming from Tenessee and their Chauffeur stopped by the library today to show her appreciation to the staff with a box of DD coffee, bagels and donuts! Of course when she arrived I thanked her for the coffee and asked if she had any puppies…. and as luck would have it – I got my puppy fix!
The 3 puppies are rescued from a kill shelter down south and brought up north through a dedicated network of volunteers who meet up at a moments notice to pick up puppies, dogs, kittens and cats and deliver them to foster families in our area while they await adoption.
These puppies are Great Pyrenees and about 6-7 weeks old. They should be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks.  As I can attest, the breed is the best. Check here for more breed info. They are kind, loving and gentle. My puppy, Thor who is now a year old is a Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix, who is so mellow and great with all three of my small kids. After he had been with us for about a month my husband and I both remarked that if we had know this breed mix was gonna be this easy, we’d have adopted two! I won’t try to cover up their size…. they are classified as an Extra Large breed, but through all our research we determined that the bigger the breed, the better they were with families with small children and the more mellow they were too.  Just what I needed. Thor is great! He’s an indoor dog, playful when you want and sleepy when you need him to be and does not get crazy when the kids are!
If you are interested in adopting one of these cuties contact Another Chance Pet Rescue and tell them I sent you!! anotherchancepetrescue.org
NEWS UPDATE: the puppies have been listed online HERE! Check our Dominoe, Reggie and Simone.

Lunch alfresco

soup outside

Saturday I had the pleasure of dining outside for lunch. The kids were at my parents so that left me home alone on my lunch break from work. What a treat! Fall soup, white pesto pizza, sunshine, and a warm breeze.

soup out Thor

For dessert: knitting with my feet up. Love the puppy supervising and waking me as I dozed off. Good thing too, ’cause I was almost late getting back to work!

Pink? for me?

Pink shawl beginnings

I’ve cast on yet another project, in the midst of the project coat. The yarn is a birthday gift from a friend, a wonderful chunky wool in a marled pink. I’ve never thought of myself as a pink fan, but I just love this, and I’ve always wanted to knit myself a warm ’round-the-house’ shawl. Some thing I could throw on to take the dog out, for a quick jaunt to the store or have handy for a cool soccer game. I believe the combination of this pattern and this yarn will be the perfect solution.

Now, if I could only find more time to knit, what with 3 sick kids, a full time job and other incidentals…..

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