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I’ve Moved!

yep, sold the house, adopted out the monkeys & dog and took off, NO NOT really, I just moved my blog!! It just made more sense. So follow this link! knitngreen.wordpress.com


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puppies, originally uploaded by libraryl0v3r.
I had the opportunity to play with puppies today. They were in a rescue transport coming from Tenessee and their Chauffeur stopped by the library today to show her appreciation to the staff with a box of DD coffee, bagels and donuts! Of course when she arrived I thanked her for the coffee and asked if she had any puppies…. and as luck would have it – I got my puppy fix!
The 3 puppies are rescued from a kill shelter down south and brought up north through a dedicated network of volunteers who meet up at a moments notice to pick up puppies, dogs, kittens and cats and deliver them to foster families in our area while they await adoption.
These puppies are Great Pyrenees and about 6-7 weeks old. They should be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks.  As I can attest, the breed is the best. Check here for more breed info. They are kind, loving and gentle. My puppy, Thor who is now a year old is a Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix, who is so mellow and great with all three of my small kids. After he had been with us for about a month my husband and I both remarked that if we had know this breed mix was gonna be this easy, we’d have adopted two! I won’t try to cover up their size…. they are classified as an Extra Large breed, but through all our research we determined that the bigger the breed, the better they were with families with small children and the more mellow they were too.  Just what I needed. Thor is great! He’s an indoor dog, playful when you want and sleepy when you need him to be and does not get crazy when the kids are!
If you are interested in adopting one of these cuties contact Another Chance Pet Rescue and tell them I sent you!! anotherchancepetrescue.org
NEWS UPDATE: the puppies have been listed online HERE! Check our Dominoe, Reggie and Simone.

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Knitting basketEarlier in the week while it was still sunny, dry and warm, the monkeys were out playing, so I joined them outside with the knitting basket. Of Course!

l_1600_1200_ECB41BF2-BF1F-4BE6-9675-9C0677551FF9.jpeg Quickly the contents were snatched up an incorporated into the arranging and rearranging of the fall produce on the picnic table. The balls started to unwind and there I was spoiling all the fun, trying to discourage my monkeys from tangling themselves up in some beautiful locally raised and spun wool. I’m such a mean Mama.

l_1600_1200_EE467CC3-B31C-4DC7-A444-99A9499DAE93.jpegThis was the final masterpiece and I was summonded to take a picture. “Mama, can you see the face?” said my eldest, I really have creative monkeys.  I love this picture it has nearly all my favorites, except of course, my 3 favorite monkeys!

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Thank you Mother Nature..

Fall 09On my drive into work today I was not particularly looking forward to my shift and was moping a bit to myself. The sky changed as I turned the corner and I couldn’t help but take a few moments on the street to enjoy it. The autumn sun was bright, the wind was picking up and twirling a gorgeous spectrum of leaves. It was just breathtaking. I rolled down the window and tried to take in the sights, sounds and smells of this spectacle. As I got out of the car and shook the leaves out of my hair, my whole self felt more charged up and rejuvenated. I could feel the  Goddess Mother Nature at work here today. Thank you for allowing me to be present for this moment of wonder.

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My first class

Clasica beginnings

I’ve signed myself up for my first ever knitting class. I need to give all the credit to my friend for the gentle push. I am going to knit the cover sweater coat from the fall issue of Interweave Knits. The instructor substituted the the yarn, we’ll be using this. I’ve choosen the milk chocolate brown and it has been a delight to knit with.

I must confess… I NEVER swatch! Never have, never until a few days ago that is. I originally cast on using the recommended needles and got about 1.5 inches along and started really sweating the fact I had NOT swatched. I purchased 4 skeins with 478 yards per skein = a LOT of knitting! I did not want to get close to the end and be severely disappointed. This is supposed to be a sweater for me, right? If I cried while frogging, would it felt?

So I broke the yarn, swatched as directed, and guess what? It came out perfectly to gauge! Relief, frustration, and now back to some serious knitting! I’m supposed to have 19 inches of stockinette done by Sunday for class but am only at 5 inches with 2 parties to prepare for…. I see a lot of coffee in my future.

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Sweet vs. Tart

Sweet vs. Tart

I’m not sure about you, but our family has been enjoying the bounty of apple season every day. We had a special delivery from the apple fairy, which has touched off a tasty debate amongst ourselves and friends: Sweet or Tart?


The apple fairy delivered Galas, Crispins & Honeycrisps. My favorite has been Jonagold, but I may have to change up to the Honeycrisps! Oh the yumminess…. now to get cracking on sauce, cakes, muffins & pies.

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Miss V's afghan

It’s hard for me to believe my third is turning 3. I’ve been racing to finish this afghan for my wee one, I want her to have it for her birthday. It’s a garter stitch cotton with no pattern but my own. She really loves her afghans, but all of the ones she received as a baby are acrylic, she loves them so much she refuses to give them up during summer – I have had to peel them off her on hot summer nights to find her puddled in sweat! Hence,  the cotton. I had been hunting for the perfect yarn and found this yarn in a vibrant range of colors for a  great deal at my LYS.

It’s nearly complete, a few more rows, weaving in the ends (there are quite a few, I like to stripe) and a good washing. Last night I as I was thinking about how long I’ve been working on the blanket, I think I’ve taken it just about everywhere over the summer, soccer practice & games, work, picnics, vacation, playground, and beach. The wee one asks every other day for me to size it on her (who knew afghans needed to be sized properly?). We hold it up and give it an appraisal, I know she’s gonna love it more when it’s finally off the needles.

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