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Lunch alfresco

soup outside

Saturday I had the pleasure of dining outside for lunch. The kids were at my parents so that left me home alone on my lunch break from work. What a treat! Fall soup, white pesto pizza, sunshine, and a warm breeze.

soup out Thor

For dessert: knitting with my feet up. Love the puppy supervising and waking me as I dozed off. Good thing too, ’cause I was almost late getting back to work!


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The last fresh basil

, originally uploaded by libraryl0v3r.

This weekend marked the last of the fresh basil from the garden. I celebrated the best way I know how… cooking. We enjoyed a homemade white pizza with a base of freshly made pesto topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The eldest loves to make pesto in the food processor, I know it won’t be long ’til she’s experimenting.

The pasta was super easy, my son squeezed the cherry tomatoes into the pasta dish, tore the basil, parsley & oregano, while I cooked the angel hair and steamed the broccoli and chopped the garlic. Our secret is to let the hot pasta and broccoli sit on top of the herbs and tomatoes until ready to serve. Then we just toss with olive oil and parmesan cheese, sit, serve & eat!

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Sweet vs. Tart

Sweet vs. Tart

I’m not sure about you, but our family has been enjoying the bounty of apple season every day. We had a special delivery from the apple fairy, which has touched off a tasty debate amongst ourselves and friends: Sweet or Tart?


The apple fairy delivered Galas, Crispins & Honeycrisps. My favorite has been Jonagold, but I may have to change up to the Honeycrisps! Oh the yumminess…. now to get cracking on sauce, cakes, muffins & pies.

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Autumn festival

The kids and I enjoyed ourselves at the annual Autumn Festval at our local CSA. Pumpkin painting, scarecrow making, hayrides & visiting the horse Patrick. I love to go and meet up with friends I had no idea were members too. It feels so great to know so many families are supporting a local organic farm!

Our Pumpkin

My favorites are sharing a beautiful autumn day with the kids, just watching them revel in farm life and the bounty of the harvest, followed by a wonderful potluck lunch. The scents, sites and laughter always give me joy, watching complete strangers share recipes and exclaim “Oh, that’s what you did with the kohlrabi!” It reminds me so much of the knitting community, we can all agree we like it(love it, or obsess about it), even though we may be extremely diverse in our philosphies, spiritual beliefs and backgrounds.

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Some of my favorite herbs

Basil and Thyme

Basil and Thyme. I just love the simplicity of herbs and having them right outside my back porch. They are easy to add to a meal, attract the kids and give off such wonderful scents in the breeze. As the growing season starts to wind down here in Western NY, it's time to think pesto!

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Frig Friday

Frig Friday 9/25/09

It’s been a while since my last frig friday – May to be exact.  But I really have been busy, we’ve moved, hence the new frig. Yes, side-by-side, not my first choice but it did come with the house and does run well (after we had the pesky ice make leak fixed). Yeah, I know, an ice maker! Really great during the hot summer months, no more exclaiming “who emptied the ice tray with out refilling it?” This model has taken some getting used to, of course you can’t fit a pizza box in it, or a big cake creation, or an enormous fruit and veggie tray, so I’ve had to adapt. And I’m not too shabby at that.

The other feature of my new frig that has taken some adjusting to was the exterior – goldenrod! A friend mentioned that the color is coming back in kitchens, and it does match the flooring. I hate to be ahead of the curve. The only time I seem to be fashion forward is in regards to refrigerators! The last frig I gave away was turquoise, still ran and my sitter volunteered to take it off my hands, she wanted an extra for holidays. Wouldn’t you guess that the following month on the cover of Country Living magazine prominently displayed was a turquoise frig!

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Frig Friday

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