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Enjoy! My Mom the health teacher shared this with me and I just had to pass it along.


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Knitting basketEarlier in the week while it was still sunny, dry and warm, the monkeys were out playing, so I joined them outside with the knitting basket. Of Course!

l_1600_1200_ECB41BF2-BF1F-4BE6-9675-9C0677551FF9.jpeg Quickly the contents were snatched up an incorporated into the arranging and rearranging of the fall produce on the picnic table. The balls started to unwind and there I was spoiling all the fun, trying to discourage my monkeys from tangling themselves up in some beautiful locally raised and spun wool. I’m such a mean Mama.

l_1600_1200_EE467CC3-B31C-4DC7-A444-99A9499DAE93.jpegThis was the final masterpiece and I was summonded to take a picture. “Mama, can you see the face?” said my eldest, I really have creative monkeys.  I love this picture it has nearly all my favorites, except of course, my 3 favorite monkeys!

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Frig Friday

Frig Friday 9/25/09

It’s been a while since my last frig friday – May to be exact.  But I really have been busy, we’ve moved, hence the new frig. Yes, side-by-side, not my first choice but it did come with the house and does run well (after we had the pesky ice make leak fixed). Yeah, I know, an ice maker! Really great during the hot summer months, no more exclaiming “who emptied the ice tray with out refilling it?” This model has taken some getting used to, of course you can’t fit a pizza box in it, or a big cake creation, or an enormous fruit and veggie tray, so I’ve had to adapt. And I’m not too shabby at that.

The other feature of my new frig that has taken some adjusting to was the exterior – goldenrod! A friend mentioned that the color is coming back in kitchens, and it does match the flooring. I hate to be ahead of the curve. The only time I seem to be fashion forward is in regards to refrigerators! The last frig I gave away was turquoise, still ran and my sitter volunteered to take it off my hands, she wanted an extra for holidays. Wouldn’t you guess that the following month on the cover of Country Living magazine prominently displayed was a turquoise frig!

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Summer Hair

Summer HairI do realize its officially fall but I’ve been reminissing about my beautiful & busy summer. I’d nearly forgotten about a wonderful scene in my life and I just had to share.

About a month ago I was observing my exhuberant children in all their glory. My son came up to me with a giant hug and while hugging him I couldn’t resist nestleing into him and inhaling deeply the scent of his hair. I mentioned to him that it smelled so good, like sunshine, summer, and a little sunscreen. He rested a moment then relpied to me, ‘No Mama, It can’t be, because Bella put a frog on my head and it peed on me.” Just goes to show you how whistful I can be trying to savor summer moments, yet only to have then dashed by reality!

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Ladies Geography Club Prayer Flags in the breeze. This gives me peace, smiles & that great warm fuzzy feeling

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Frig Friday 2
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I suppose the title of this post just doesn’t have the same ring but that’s just the way it is.
Can you tell this has been an ‘eat out’ kind of week. Let’s count them together – 7 – yes that’s right 7 different take out boxes. Thank goodness they’re each not from a different place. The kids have been begging me to go out for pizza, order & pick up just would not do. So we have lots of left overs from that and another meal out when our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.
I would like to draw attention to the round head of lettuce on the left. This is an ongoing debate between my husband and myself. He only purchases ice berg lettuce. He know the other kinds I buy: romaine, escarole, green and red curly are better for you and have more vitamins, etc. But he just likes the ice berg better. He makes a giant taco salad or tacos with it for himself and the kids on my night to work so he is not forced to see my look. The one that says so much without even opening up my mouth. Yep that’s what nearly 13 years of marriage will do.
Oh yes I know – I still have to clean up that spill on the bottom. Maybe this week it will become a priority. Probably by Thursday night as I contemplate another Frig shot!

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It’s been a while since my last post, we’ve been crazy here with the icky sicky stuff. But I thought I’d share an inspiration….. Frig Friday’s. (thanks Nicole and Liz for the encouragement) Perhaps this will make me clean the inside of my frig more often, after all I am sharing this with the world. I’d love to hear (read) you comments about my food choices. Our family staples usually revolve around organic milk, baby spinach (my 4 yr. old son and I love this), applesauce, ground turkey is a new find for me. I’ve used it before, but now Aldi’s carries it on a regular basis, so I’m always substituting. Tell me what your frig staples are. Next week we’ll check out the condiment door of my frig – I know you can’t wait. But really what other bloggers out there show case their frig contents?

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