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4097576837_08a96379d0_mA quiet Thursday morning….


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Thank you to all who serve, to all who give, and to all who have given. Thank you for my freedom.

Thank you Dad, Grandpa D., Grandpa P., Uncle J., Uncle D., and to my father-in-law.

When you are out today… Say thank you, accept the poppy, make a donation, and wear the poppy proudly!

Can’t find a poppy? cosmicplutoknits has a quick pattern for you for the poppy below.  Laura Chau developed the pattern and was kind enough to share the picture too.


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Thank you Mother Nature..

Fall 09On my drive into work today I was not particularly looking forward to my shift and was moping a bit to myself. The sky changed as I turned the corner and I couldn’t help but take a few moments on the street to enjoy it. The autumn sun was bright, the wind was picking up and twirling a gorgeous spectrum of leaves. It was just breathtaking. I rolled down the window and tried to take in the sights, sounds and smells of this spectacle. As I got out of the car and shook the leaves out of my hair, my whole self felt more charged up and rejuvenated. I could feel the  Goddess Mother Nature at work here today. Thank you for allowing me to be present for this moment of wonder.

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