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Lunch alfresco

soup outside

Saturday I had the pleasure of dining outside for lunch. The kids were at my parents so that left me home alone on my lunch break from work. What a treat! Fall soup, white pesto pizza, sunshine, and a warm breeze.

soup out Thor

For dessert: knitting with my feet up. Love the puppy supervising and waking me as I dozed off. Good thing too, ’cause I was almost late getting back to work!


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Sweet vs. Tart

Sweet vs. Tart

I’m not sure about you, but our family has been enjoying the bounty of apple season every day. We had a special delivery from the apple fairy, which has touched off a tasty debate amongst ourselves and friends: Sweet or Tart?


The apple fairy delivered Galas, Crispins & Honeycrisps. My favorite has been Jonagold, but I may have to change up to the Honeycrisps! Oh the yumminess…. now to get cracking on sauce, cakes, muffins & pies.

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